domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Final Comenius meeting in Tavira, May 8 - 12

And finally our turn has come!!

Our first Comenius project is coming to an end and it's out turn to welcome all the participating countries!
The final meeting will take place in Tavira, where 38 teachers and students from Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Norway and Portugal will meet to carry out some sports activities, connected to the topic INTEGRATION AND EQUALITY BY MEANS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION.

On May, 9th and 10th we will carry out several activities, from sports lessons to presentations, sailing, a peddy paper, an  introduction to kitesurfing, a bike tour, classes and meetings, of course!

We will be really busy! Most importantly,we will also be learning and sharing a lot  with our European friends. So we would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our project success and say that we are very happy to have all the Comenius teams in our region!!


sexta-feira, 1 de março de 2013

A game from Brazil... played by class 9B with a lot of enthusiasm!!!

Thanks to teacher Carla Preza and to the class 9B who did so well in this foreign game!! It's called "LITTLE FLAG" and it's really similar to a Portuguese game. But the rules are different, so we can say it's a mix of our two countries' collaboration... Portugal and Brazil.